Certification for the Week Ending 3/19/2021


Shi Chi Lim from Bishan, Central, SINGAPORE – Level 1 – International

Vinod R. from Bangalore, Karnataka, INDIA – Level 1 – International

Kylie Watson from Lakewood, CO – Updated Education and Experience

Sandeep Sejwal from New Delhi, Delhi, INDIA – Level 4 – International Age Group

Melody Turley from Wichita, KS – Level 1 – USA Swimming; High School

Nate Kozycki from Aurora, CO – Level 2 – NCAA II

Katrina Mae Garcia from Jurong West, West, SINGAPORE – Level 2 – International

James Clarke from Evergreen Park, IL – Level 3 – USA Swimming Age Group and High School

Russell Ramey from Centreville, VA – Updated Education

Jeannie Kern from Edmond, OK – Level 2 – USA Swimming

Betsy Partin from Missouri City, TX – Level 2 – USA Swimming; Age Group

Tinashe Diego Kahlari from Windhoek, Khomas, NAMIBIA – Updated Education

Maggie Taylor from Lexington, KY – Updated Education and Experience

Joshua Goldberg from Johannesburg, Gauteng, SOUTH AFRICA – Level 1 – International

Samuel Jackson from Albertown, Dememerara-Mahaica, GUYANA – Updated Education

Michael Lynch from Tinley Park, IL – Level 2 – USA Swimming; Age Group

Chantelle Prinsloo from Windhoek, Khomas, NAMIBIA – Level 1 – International Age Group

Caroline Alexandra Wright from Paget, BERMUDA – Level 1 – International

Taylor Counter from Aurora, CO – Level 2 – USA Swimming; NCAA I

Kaci McGuire from Kenner, LA – Level 1 – Age Group

Shao Chao Liu from Panglao, Boho, PHILIPPINES – Updated Education

Kylee Russell from Carlsbad, CA – Level 2; 1 – USA Swimming; Disability

Tim Beatty from Hampstead, MD – Updated Education and Experience

Ashley Miller from Woodward, OK – Updated Education and Experience

Scott Miyako from Portland, OR – Level 2 – USA Swimming

Jonathan Condon from Great Meadows, NJ – Updated Education

Amelia McDonald from Alameda, CA – Level 1 – USA Swimming; Age Group

Sarah Mailhiot from FPO, AP – Level 2 – Age Group

Amy Shelford from Pudong, Shanghai, CHINA – Updated Education

David Strybel from Atascadero, CA – Updated Education and Experience

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