Certification for the Week Ending 04/30/2021


Eungyoo Roo from Republic of Korea – Level 1 International

Daniel Rodraquez from Fort Mill, SC – Level 1 USA Swimming

Pablo Gabriels from Western Cape, South Africa – Level 3 Education International

Rebekah Welch from Arlington, TX – Level 2 USA Swimming

Amad Watson from Freeport, Bahamas – Level 1 Education International

Marcos Chavez from San Antonio, TX – Level 1 USA Swimming

Kylee Russell from Carlsbad, CA – Level 2 IPC

Jianwen Ou from Bishan, Singapore – Level 1 Education International

Miriam Hierath from White Plains, NY – Level 2 Summer League

Ashley Natonski from Oswego, IL – Level 1 USA Swimming

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