Talking to Your Athletes About Races

By John Leonard, ASCA Executive Director

In the early 1970s, I remember hearing Coach Peter Daland of USC tell stories about his careful listening to former Yale Coach Robert J. Kiputh talk to his athletes during meets. Coach Daland says that much of what he learned about coaching he learned from those eavesdropping sessions.

In the late 70s and ever since then, I hear Coach Mark Schubert of USA telling how he would sneak up behind great coaches like Daland, Haines, Gambril and Doc Counsilman at meets to hear what they had to say to their athletes.

Now I hear a legion of young coaches talking to each other about the things they have heard Coach Schubert, or Coach Quick, or Coach Ed Reese, or Coach Skip Kenney or others, say to their athletes during competitions.

Why all this interest in coach-athlete communications?

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