Just A Reminder

Your ASCA Membership is Tax Deductible as professional dues.

Why not become a Life Member of the American Swimming Coaches Association?

  • A financial bargain. $600 for a lifetime membership ($1,000 for International). Do you expect to coach for at least 9 years? Every year after that is FREE! (Based on current dues of $70 a year) Never wonder again if you’ve paid your membership dues!
  • Tax deductible as professional dues.
  • Lifetime Member Certificate.

Or consider ASCA Life Plus Membership

LIFE PLUS gives you:

  • Free registration to all ASCA World Clinics and associated Certification Levels 1-5 Schools, plus annual Awards Banquet and a World Clinic Yearbook. (This will average out to be valued at over $350 a year.)
  • Free copies of all ASCA Certification Level 1-5 Schools and Enrichment / Enhancement Education Schools, both existing and those to be developed in the future. (23 exist now and new courses are constantly added. This is a $600 plus value.)
  • Life Plus wall plaque.
  • LIFE PLUS COST IS $1,500 for US Members. This may be paid in a lump sum, or in 3 payments of $500 over a 12 month period. ($2,000 for International, due in one single payment.)

You can make this investment by calling Melanie Wigren at our office at 1-800-356-2722, or go online to (membership).