ASCA Supports USA Swimming’s Decision Regarding the COVID-19 virus


On behalf of the American Swimming Coaches Association (ASCA) we wish to support the position taken today by USA Swimming regarding actions intended to reduce the spread of the COVID-19 virus within the swimming community. The health and wellness of all individuals associated with our sport (swimmers, coaches, officials, administrators and parents) should be the number one priority for all us in the coming weeks. The ASCA will also suspend all clinics and meetings requiring travel and large group activities for the next 30 days while we continue to monitor the advise and recommendations of the CDC and other health agencies with expertise on this subject matter. We recognize how important many of the major events that are due to take place in the next few weeks are to swimmers and coaches but we feel it is important to use caution in dealing with this virus and place great importance in helping to contain the spread of it. We hope all members of the swimming community stay healthy and do their best in controlling the spread of COVID-19. There are no easy solutions to this matter and we need to stay united as a swimming community to ensure the safety of all our members. Thank you!

Mike Koleber

Steve Roush

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