The mentoring experience can be one of the most rewarding parts of a successful coach’s career.  Whether you’re a newbie, a mid-career coach or getting close to retirement, you will find there’s so much that can be learned and shared that can make all the difference in a colleague’s coaching journey.

The ASCA Mentor Program Sponsored by SwimOutlet provides coaches with individually selected mentors along with a guided framework to foster interaction and learning. All participants will receive expert leadership coaching throughout the process to help them make the most of their mentor/mentee relationship. Mentor groups will meet in zoom meetings once a month over the 10-month program.  In person meetings will be held whenever possible.

This program is based on the tried-and-true program created by the College Swimming Coaches Association of America (CSCAA).  Now, club, high school, Masters and summer league coaches will be able to benefit. In the CSCAA program, grizzled veterans report feeling reinvigorated through the interaction with their younger peers while rookie coaches benefit from the years of experience from their mentors. While each year’s cohort is ten months long, the relationships and connections last a lifetime.

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The Process

To participate, coaches must apply by August 20, 2021. Coaches are then placed in one of three peer groups:

  • 15+ years coaching
  • 6-15 years
  • <6 Years – for selection.

Those who are selected are then matched with two other coaches in their adjacent peer groups (thus resulting in one Gold, one Silver, and one Bronze coach in each group). Coaches also have the option of requesting specific affinity groups (under-represented interests, gender-specific, etc).

All participants will receive training and support from throughout the 10-month program by certified leadership coach Jeff Raker. 

Groups are provided with a structured set of guidelines designed to engender trust and bring out a worthwhile exchange among every participant.

To ensure the success of groups, each mentor group is assembled individually. One or more members of the Mentoring Committee work to match you with other coaches sharing similar needs, interests and time zones.

The kick-off orientation luncheon will take place at the 2021 ASCA World Clinic in Orlando, Florida on September 16, 2021 (attendance is recommended but not required).

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