Brief Descriptions of the committee’s that are being formed at ASCA, intended to help build the coaching profession.

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Mentor Program Oversight Committee –  Assist in the selection and matching of participants, create framework for monthly discussion topics, assist in developing and improving the program

Coaches of Color – Support and advocacy group; participants will discuss and bring forward issues to assist coaches of color within ASCA and the sport of swimming

Coach Education Task Force – assist with the development and continued improvement of coaching education provided by ASCA

Diversity and Inclusion Committee – members discuss issues and recommendations for improving diversity and inclusion within ASCA, coaching and the sport of swimming

ASCA State/Region Ambassador – ASCA members who volunteer to be the ASCA representatives in their designated area; they disseminate information, help set coaches clinics, and share important information about coaches in their area with the ASCA Board of Directors and CEO.

The Whole Coach Committee – members work to recommend and develop programs and initiatives that will assist with all aspects of a coach’s life, such as financial planning, insurance, money saving programs, work/life balance and mental health.

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