ASCA Live Episode 2: The Risk People- Understanding your USAS Insurance


Understanding your USA Swimming Insurance

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  • David Cooper is the President of Risk Management services managing the day-to-day operations and insurance programs offered by RMS to its captive insurance clientele.
  • Sandi Blumit is the Senior Vice President of Risk Management services Sandi is instrumental in all day-to-day company activities, but focuses primarily on our specialized swimming insurance programs. She has been developing and managing successful swimming insurance programs for over 28 years.
  • Steve Levine recently joined USA Swimming as the Senior Director of Risk Management.


  • LSC “gap” insurance
  • What training programs are clubs/ coches permitted to do?
  • What are the parameters that need to be in place?
  • Does the athlete need to be able to see the coach?
  • Will I get a refund for the two months I’m not in business?  Does my general liability  insurance cover this closure?
  • Am I entitled to any lost income?
  • What is the suggested ratio for online visual training supervised programs?
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