Welcome to the ASCA Level 1 Foundations of Coaching Course for International Coaches.

There are 6 sections in this course.
Part 1.  Introduction and Understanding your Role, Your Job – 30 minutes
Part 2.  The Qualities of a Swimming Coach – 24 minutes
Part 3.  Communication Skills – 43 minutes
Part 4.  Principles of Motivation – 37 minutes
Part 5.  Principles of Teaching – 39 minutes
Part 6.  Running a Safe and Productive Swimming Practice – 40 minutes.

Total Time:  3 Hours and 33 minutes

In addition you must also complete the Certification Application.  Information about International Certification can be found here:  https://swimmingcoach.org/certification/international-certification/
You can apply on line, or print out an application to scan and email.   https://swimmingcoach.org/certification/apply/
If you want to print out, scan (or photo) and email your certification application, email here:  certification@swimmingcoach.org

Thank you enrolling in this course.  We hope your find the course valuable.


Part 1: Intro and Role

Part 2: Qualities

Part 3: Communication

Part 4: Motivation

Part 5: Teaching

Part 6: Safe Productive Practice

Part 7: Test
CLICK HERE to take the online Level 1 Test
It is recommended that you print out the test and answer the questions as you take the course.
At the completion of the course, transfer your answers to the online version of the test.
ASCA will accept ONLY the online version of the test.
You may download the test here: Level 1 Online Test

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