ASCA Board Elections 2014: Current Candidates


ASCA Board Elections, (at the ASCA Business Meeting, Friday, Sept. 12, ASCA World Clinic, Jacksonville, FL.)

Current Candidates Are:

  1. Coach David Marsh – SwimMac Carolina – is a returning Board Member to serve his second consecutive Term.
  2. Coach Tim Murphy of Penn State – is a returning Board Member to serve his second consecutive Term.
  3. Coach Michael Lawrence – (Brief Bio and Statement of purpose below.)
  4. Coach Amy Montgomery – (Brief Bio and Statement of purpose below.)
  5. Coach Kathleen K. Prindle – (Brief Bio and Statement of purpose below.)

Michael Lawrence

ASCA Board of Directors Candidate, 2014

I am an ASCA Level 5 Certified Coach with 34 years coaching experience, the past 29 years at the Lake Forest Swim Club, Lake Forest, Illinois. I served on the USA Swimming Board of Directors for 13 years as Olympic International Operations Coordinator, Program Development Vice President and Central Zone Director and would now like to bring that experience to the ASCA Board of Directors.

Developing strong coach leaders, encouraging participation in all levels of swimming governance, and preserving our coaching legacies through mentorship initiatives are very important to me. I believe that if elected, I could be of service to the ASCA Board and Members in these areas. I am a “chop wood, carry water” Board member and have led several important program initiatives for USA Swimming including development of the Club Excellence Program, Athlete Partnership Agreement (APA) and major revisions of the LSC Bylaws in the USA Swimming Rules and Regulations.

Leadership experience includes:

  • Chairman, International Relations Committee (2012 – present)
  • USA Swimming Board of Directors (1999 – 2012)
    • Coordinator, Olympic International Operations Committee
    • Program Development Vice President
    • Central Zone Director
  • LSC Board of Directors (1983 – present)

National Team experience includes:

  • Duel In The Pool (Glasgow, 2013)
  • National Jr Team World Cup Tour (Berlin, Stockholm, Moscow — 2009, 2011)
  • World Jr Championships (Monterrey, 2008)
  • National Jr Team (Melbourne, 2008)
  • Olympic Games (Athens, 2004)
  • Pan Pacific Games (Yokohama, 2002)
  • World University Games (Beijing, 2001)
  • World University Games (Fukuoka, 1995)

Other volunteer leadership positions include:

  • Rules and Regulations Committee
  • Steering Committee
  • Senior Committee
  • Age Group Planning Committee
  • Club Development Committee

Respectfully submitted,
Michael Lawrence

Amy Montgomery

Fallbrook Associated Swim Team
Fallbrook, California

Statement of Intent

I am confident that my strengths in communication, networking, and preparedness through research will be an asset in serving and representing the coaching community. If elected to the ASCA Board there are three issues I will work to address.

First, the current membership of the ASCA Board does not accurately reflect the demographics of swim coaches in the US. Without age group development it is unlikely that swimmers will reach the elite level. Yet, only two of fifteen members of the ASCA Board are primarily age group coaches, Ira Klein and Jennifer Gibson. Over the last ten years as a developmental coach I have noticed several discussion points that have come up consistently with peers and colleagues. These include expanding educational opportunities for age group coaches at all levels, continuing the improvement in the flow of communication between the base and the peak, and working to promote and further develop the professionalism of coaching in the US. Thus, leading to greater retention of coaches.

Second, as a coach I am extremely disturbed by the use of performance enhancing substances; such as energy drinks, HGH, gels, and supplements I see athletes using on the pool deck. Conversations within my LSC and with colleagues across the nation confirm that this is of global concern. Shockingly, this behavior appears to be endorsed by parents. As a parent and coach I am thus strongly motivated to lead a campaign whose goal is to educate parents on the dangers involved with using such substances, highlighting the effects of long term use.

Third, there is a concern that the pipeline of leadership is not being maintained. To address this issue ASCA has developed the Fellows Program. While the program has been successful, it is yet to reach its full potential. Discussion amongst the Fellows validate a need for expansion and improvement of the program. There are different ways this can be accomplished, one of which is to establish a Senior Fellows Program designed to extend the mentorship of current fellows and facilitate their deeper involvement in leadership projects. Another, is to improve the promotion of the program which currently is not well highlighted, thus unnecessarily restricting the pool of applicants.

Coaching History

  • Began teaching swim lessons for local Parks & Recreation department at age 13.
  • Coach for the summer league Guppy Group (transition from lessons to team), 1990.
  • Assistant coach for novice group from age 17 to 19; continued during summer breaks from college.
  • Assistant novice coach at Fallbrook Associated Swim Team, 2006.
  • Co-owner/team manager/head age group coach at Temecula Valley Aquatics, 2007-2010.
  • Novice and developmental coach at Fallbrook Associated Swim Team, 2012 to present.
  • San Diego-Imperial All Star Coach, 2013 and 2014.


  • Bachelor’s of Science in Applied Arts and Recreation Administration; minor in Biological Sciences, California State University San Diego, December 1998
  • California Multiple Subject credential, Cross-Cultural Language and Academic Development (CLAD) emphasis (Ryan status), California State University San Marcos, December 2000
  • 2013 ASCA Fellow, focused study on The Pathway to Leadership


  • Born in 1974, raised in Novato, Calif.
  • Married for 17 years with three children
  • Reside in Fallbrook, Calif.

Kathleen K. Prindle

Kathleen Prindle has a unique and inspirational coaching presence, with nearly 40 years of aquatics experience as both athlete and coach. A former competitive swimmer from Northeastern Pennsylvania and a 1993 graduate of Pennsylvania State University, she is an ASCA Level 5 coach. Prindle is on the Board of Directors for the Florida Gold Coast LSC, is an elected member of the FHSAA Advisory Board (Florida State High School Athletic Association), and serves on USA Swimming’s Senior Development National Committee.

As an ASCA Fellow in 2010, Prindle led a study on “Club Voice” which explored the changing needs of clubs/coaches in the USA. This inspired her to create Performance Aquatics (PAQ), an elite swim club for senior athletes. This boutique approach to swim training has proven to be very effective and her business model is being replicated nationally. Kathleen works with dedicated 13+ older swimmers at all levels: Her swimmers have gone on to careers at the State, University, National, US Olympic Trials, and International/World Championship levels. Prior to launching PAQ, she was recruited and mentored by club coaching legend Michael Lohberg, serving as Assistant National team coach at the Coral Springs Swim Club from 2006 until his death in 2011. Together she and Lohberg prepared eight athletes for the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games.

In addition to her recent work in club swimming, Prindle enjoyed a decade-long career in New York City’s fashion industry in the 1990’s, where she served in multiple Senior Executive roles for Liz Claiborne, Inc., a Fortune 500 company. She drove significant revenue for the corporation and led first-time logistics initiatives that opened multiple international markets in Southeast Asia and Latin America. During her tenure in NYC, Prindle moonlighted as a swim coach at the Stevens Institute of Technology in New Jersey, where she launched a new Age Group & Masters team, and earned her first Head-Coach titles. Since 1987, Prindle has created nine Learn-to-Swim programs throughout Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Virginia and Florida, and taught hundreds of students. She still lends her expertise to the Grandview Preparatory School in Boca Raton, FL, where she has served as Aquatics Administrator/Head Varsity Coach since 2003.

Coach Prindle is driven by a desire to help swimmers achieve their athletic goals through intense focus on technical perfection, a positive coaching style, and illumination of life lessons. She sees tremendous value in interacting with her athletes with laughter and kindness, to create an environment where any success is possible! She and her husband, Chris, reside near the beach in Boca Raton, Florida.

Statement of Purpose: Collaboration & Cameraderie

In the 55 years since its’ inception the ASCA has developed some of the greatest improvements in American competitive swimming to date, by offering a strong yet independent group that thinks creatively to promote our sport, encourages professionalism and fair play in swimming, and creates educational and career opportunities for coaches.

My personal platform has always been to professionalize club swimming by increasing the viability of the career swim coach as a qualified, skilled tradesman. As the sport grows and evolves, US club coaches must also find new ways to evolve in order to remain relevant. By fostering increasing amounts of communication, collaboration and camaraderie amongst fellow coaches at all levels, we can all get better and stay competitive. “Professionalizing” any career as a swim coach should not only include cultivating one’s own career/education and one’s own team culture, but should also emphasize the importance of cultivating a strong sharing culture amongst one’s colleagues.

ASCA education/certification and coach-mentoring is the first step towards that end, and ongoing education is supported by and available at USA Swimming – It’s accessible to everyone. What’s often missing is the SPIRIT of collaboration among peers who are normally competitors. Such collaboration is already happening among NGB’s, Federations; etc., but needs to be promoted out on the deck, at practice, and at meets.

When Indianapolis Colts Head Coach Chuck Pagano told his team in 2012 to “Live in a vision, refuse to live in your circumstances!” it resonated with me. Why can’t we do both? In order for us to live BOTH in our vision AND in our circumstances, we need to collaborate and communicate with fellow coaches, regardless of experience level, career track, or geography. I would like to help ASCA further promote circumstances for coaches to live in their own visions.

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