2007 ASCA Awards of Excellence


The American Swimming Coaches Association has annually recognized the coaching excellence of its members with this Award since the 1970’s. Congratulations to everyone on the Spring List and note the following items!

  1. This list is a result of examining the Top 8 Finalists at the USA Swimming Nationals (spring), the NCAA Division I, II and III lists and noting their coaches.
  2. It is always possible that we “miss” someone. If we missed YOU, please send an email to Jleonard@swimmingcoach.org and tell us the meet, the event and the athlete and we will correct the mistake.
  3. We send actual award certificates to you in late August, after the summer nationals, when the competitive year is concluded. We send one certificate per person, so if you appear on multiple lists, congratulations and expect one certificate in your name.
  4. ASCA also has a “Gold, Silver, Bronze” award of this category that we annually update and award at the World Clinic. Bronze represents 10 years on the list (not necessarily consecutively), Silver, 15 years and Gold, 20 years. This is a very prestigious award, recognizing the challenge and achievement of repeatedly demonstrating coaching excellence for the USA. IF you have not received one of these and believe you are eligible, please send a list of years you made the list to the email above, so we can verify and provide you with appropriate recognition at the World Clinic.

Congratulations to all of you as a Coach providing excellence for the American Swimming Team!

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