Aren’t We Really More Interested in Tolerating Doping than in Punishing It?


HARM BEYER, Former President of the German Swimming Federation, Member of the FINA Bureau, CHAIRMAN OF FINA’s ANTI-DOPING COMMITTEE, Chairman of the European Swimming League.
(Source: “Aufwendige Suche,” 1992.)

In what has become a typical FINA move, President Larfaoui of FINA has appointed Harm Beyer of Germany as the Chairperson of FINA’s Anti-Doping Committee.

This follows the fact that in the mid-80’s, the Chairman of the FINA Medical Committee was Dr. Lothar Kipke, who was one of the primary swimming doctors responsible for doping of East German swimmers.

The “fox guarding the hen house” seems to be a typical FINA response to a problem.

On top of this is an unconfirmed report that FINA will honor Kristen Otto of the former East Germany in Perth despite the fact that Otto has been implicated, accused and is all but certain to have been highly doped throughout her career.

Beyer is a juvenile court judge in Hamburg. In August of 1991, he proposed the formation of a “circus troupe” of doped athletes in swimming who were subject to “different rules and laws” who would be eligible to receive steroids and other performance enhancing drugs. A quote, “I don’t see any consistent action or honesty. If German sport says its against doping, then we should have the courage to be consistent about violations. but the moment we discover that athletes, coaches, officials or physicians have done something forbidden, the first thing we do is amnesty all of them.”

In November of 1991, Beyer got 20 former East German Swimming coaches to make a mass confession about doping in DDR sport, and promise to be good from now on. He said this was necessary so that with “the necessary reckoning with the past, an integration into unified German swimming establishment could begin.”

This is the man that President Larfaoui trusts to lead FINA’s fight against Doping in swimming.

(Translation from the German by Professor John Hoberman, University of Texas.)

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