Advanced ASCA Schools: Breaststroke, Backstroke & Freestyle


John Leonard,

I recently just completed reading and submitted write-ups/tests for the Advanced Freestyle, Backstroke, and Breaststroke Schools. I just wanted to say that I think ASCA did a fantastic job of putting all this material together for coaches to read on the respective stroke they are trying to coach. These schools have not only increased my knowledge of Backstroke, Freestyle, and Breaststroke, but the schools have also given me a way to mentally picture how the stroke should look like when I try to explain to either a swimmer or a parent, given me ideas to try to create drills, and have a quick reference if I need to clarify something for the stroke.

Thank you again, and have a wonderful day.

Michael Kavanaugh Assistant Coach FCYST / Masters Coach Fox Cities YMCA

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