ASCA Hall of Fame Inductee: Pre-2003


• Coached 10 straight US women’s swimming team titles
• Swimmers won 42 individual national titles and 9 relays during period of 1944-1948
• His Olympic swimmer Ann Curtis won 35 national championships.
Coach Charles Sava was the honor coach of champion swimmers from Ann Curtis to Lynn Vidali. From 1944 through 1948, Coach Sava’s San Francisco Crystal Plunge Swim Club won 10 National AAU Women’s swimming team titles in a row. During this record “splash”, Coach Sava’s girls won 42 individual national titles and 9 relays. Coach Sava’s greatest swimmer, Ann Curtis, won 35 National Championship gold medals.
Coach Sava attended the first Red Cross Aquatic School in 1925 with Hall of Famer Commodore Longfellow, and he helped Hall of Famer Beth Kaufman iron the kinks out of early age-group swimming with rules and practices that have required few changes.
Coach Sava used interval training “repeats” as early as 1949 and he is generally credited with freeing the freestyle kick form the knee to the hip. He took Hall of Famer Vickie Draves to her first Nationals.

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