2011 ASCA Hall of Fame Inductee

Head Coach, Bainbridge Island Swim Club

Bob Miller’s highly successful swim coaching career has benefited swimmers for more than five decades. In 1956, Bob Miller co-founded the Olympic Swim School. The Cascade Swim Club evolved from this organization.

Bob coached Cascade Swim Club until 1971. He also coached Totem Lake Swim Team (1973-1976), Pine Crest School (1976-1982), Lake Oswego Swim Club (1971-1976), Bellevue Club (1984-2000), Tucson JCC (2001-2004), and Bainbridge Island Swim Club (2004-2009). Coach Bob Miller retired in 2009 after 58 years of coaching. Many of Bob’s swimmers competed in the Olympic Games; the World Swimming Championships; the Pan American Games, and other international meets. Coach Miller was the U.S. National Team Coach at several international competitions, including the Mexico Pan American Games in 1975 and the Head Coach for the USA team to the Soviet Union in 1976.

    • 9 American Records
    • 7 World Records
    • 2 Kiphuth Award Winners – Rick Colella (1973 & 1974) & Lynn Colella (1973)
          • Because of his continued success, Bob Miller was honored as Coach of the Year in Washington, Florida, and Oregon. Coach Miller was honored as the Coach of the Year by ASCA in 1973.

Bob Miller started the West Seattle high school swim team when he was a senior, so he could go to state. Coach Miller worked as an Assistant Coach at Washington A.C. from 1951-1955. Bob was an Alaska Communications Officer in the army when they sent him to the Olympics in 1956, in Melbourne, Australia. He competed in the modern pentathlon which consisted of Horse racing, Fencing (epee), Pistol shooting, a 300M swim and a 2.5 mile run. He was the first American qualifier for the modern pentathlon and he placed 4th in the Olympics and won a silver medal as a team.

Coach Bob Miller’s USA Olympic Athletes:

        • Nancy Ramey – 1956
        • Lynn Colella – 1972
        • Rick Colella – 1976
        • Janis Hape – 1976

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