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Why Join ASCA?

The American Swimming Coaches Association is a professional service organization based on a central theme of Leadership in American Swimming through Education, Certification, and Cooperation. We are dedicated to creating and enhancing progressive and highly visible programs that are effective in strengthening and improving the coaching profession and building a stronger swimming community.

As an ASCA Member, you will receive to 18 educational publications annually. Here are some of the many benefits of membership:

11,000+ Members & Counting:

John Cooper Medford, OR USA
Vionne Skinner East London SOUTH AFRICA
William G. Wilson Plettenberg Bay SOUTH AFRICA
Kirsten Buker American Fork, UT USA
Debbie Lockett Port Elizabeth SOUTH AFRICA
Rex C. De La Cruz Ormoc PHILIPPINES
Bill Bass The Woodlands, TX USA
Juan Carlos Rodriguez Buenos Aires ARGENTINA
Kim Kyung Hoon Ilsan SOUTH KOREA
Naomi Skarupinski Depew, NY USA
Kelly Haynes Clarkston, MI USA
Judith Ford Napa, CA USA
Jillian Hutchinson Warwick NY USA
Kris Bablyon Covington, LA USA
Monique Tahauri Hesperia, CA USA
Vaitea Tahauri Hesperia, CA USA
Lindsey Olson Charleston, SC USA
Clayton Delaney Cornwall, ON CANADA
Shea Kenny Cypress, TX USA
Richard Sachus Iowa City, IA USA
Stefin VonHartitizsch Tulsa, OK USA
Robert Looney Lafayette, LA USA
Mary Margaret Trahan Lafayette, LA USA
Belinda Waters Augusta, GA USA
Lyle Robelot Baton Rouge, LA USA
Ron Gilchrist N. Vancouver, BC CANADA
Simon Harling Stevenson Ranch, CA USA
Matt Golebiewski Plymouth Meeting, PA USA
Marianne R. Gerry Sugar Grove, IL USA
Carsten, Ramsdahl Ringsted Denmark
Whitney Moore Houston, TX USA
Jesse Schmidt Farmington, MN USA
Anne Sheehy Woodbridge, VA USA
Emily Muse Plainfield, IN USA
Tina Hunt Stanley, NY USA
Mary Kerr Roanoke, VA USA
Thiago Ferreira Sao Paulo Brazil
Jacqueline G. Healy Mount Pleasant, SC USA
Heather Fort Pekin, IL USA
Kim Spicer Cohasset, MA USA
Susan Cashin Franklin, MA USA
Michael VanAuker Ojai, CA USA
Christina Forristall Killingworth, CT USA
Rendy Lynn Mission Viejo, CA USA
Oswald Noel San Fernando Trinidad & Tobago
Blake Braden Decatur, IL USA
Steve Miller St. Paul, MN USA
Megan Jendrick Fife, WA USA
Joseph Scott Nielson Mt. Vernon, OH USA
Stephen Haupt Johannesburg South Africa
Irene Bussey Johannesburg South Africa
Louzetta Lindhorst Malmesbury South Africa
Clayton Cumming Gauteng South Africa
Bronwyn Cumming Gauteng South Africa
Tharina Peters New Castle South Africa
Yang Wu Hayward, CA USA
Kimberly Basile McLean, VA USA
Jared Foster Thornton, CO USA
Alex Wilcox Ambler, PA USA
Essam Zeidan Naser Cairo Egypt
Nicki Damiano Rotterdam, NY USA
Marybel Menzies Surrey, BC Canada
Dan Popescu Abu Dhabi United Arab Emirates
Mariana Ignat Abu Dhabi United Arab Emirates
Ted Pierson Duncan, SC USA
Johnny Thonn Duncan, SC USA
Bart Simonson Duncan, SC USA
Katherine Holian Rancho Cucamonga, CA USA
Stacey Miller Landsdale, PA USA
Zoli de Kock South Africa
Kgakgamatso Vincent Dube South Africa
Jenny Hanselmann Provo, UT USA
Kaden Kirkham Lehi, UT USA
Rebekah Akporere Alpine, UT USA
Johan Grobbelaar South Africa
Sabine Jardim South Africa
Andrea Landau South Africa
Bernie Manzoni South Africa
Mathare Mohembo South Africa
John Mosime South Africa
Zikhali Nkululeko South Africa
Farida Shamina Pearmain South Africa
Pam Reynecke South Africa
Willie Scheepers South Africa
Drew Scott Ross-Ashby South Africa
Charlie Basiami Seabe South Africa
Lynnette Van Rensburg South Africa
Sonja Van Rysyk South Africa
Cecile Vermaak South Africa
Zelda Vermeulen South Africa
Joanne Vreenegoor South Africa
Eric Ericson Atlanta, GA USA
Sam Davy Stevens Point, WI USA
Donald Graham Beverly Hills, CA USA
Karlie Jo Hale APO, AE USA
Brett DeFore Brentwood, TN USA
Leah Nye Hailey, ID USA
Jake DeVries Ketchum, ID USA
Dennis Donovan Hailey, ID USA

American Swimming Magazine

The ASCA Magazine is published 6 times per year and features in-depth interviews from respected coaches on stroke training, technique, sample workouts and much more.

ASCA Newsletter

The ASCA Newsletter is an online, monthly publication, which provides up to date information on the coaching profession, awards, and compensation.

Journal of Swimming Research

The Journal of Swimming Research is the only publication of its kind in the world. Peer reviewed technical swimming research and practical applications on: lactate testing, psychology, pool specs, injuries, and more.

ASCA World Clinic

More than 1,500 swimming coaches attend the ASCA World Clinic each September; it’s the largest swimming clinic in the world. Members receive reduced registration fees. Five days, 30 speakers and 100 exhibitors.


SwimAmerica is our national learn-to-swim program, designed to earn you more money and act as a feeder program into your competitive team. Training sessions are held monthly, and program directors have earned up to $30K in their own SwimAmerica program. Teaching Manual, promotion, business plan, and awards are just the start of what makes this program unique.

Swimming in College Directory

The Swimming in College Directory is for coaches, parents and athletes. This book consists of a complete list of the over 500 college swimming/diving programs in both the US and Canada. This directory has valuable information such as coach names and contact info, approximate tuition expenses, school and team website links and more!

Team Record Holder Certificates

Quality, Blue and Gold, personalized certificates which provide motivation, continual awareness of achievement and team contribution. ASCA can personalize these certificates for you!

Recognition Awards

For more than 25 years, ASCA has offered national achievement awards: a motivational age group patch program for swimmers based on the National Age Group Time Standards.

If you would like to receive an informational ASCA Membership packet, please email or call us toll-free at 1 (800) 356-2722.

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ASCA Coaches Certification: Purpose & Process

Certification Means that You are Serious About Your Profession.

Gregg Troy - ASCA Certified Level 5 Coach, USA Swimming

It means that you care about your continuing coaching education and your professional preparation. It marks you as a coach who is in the mainstream of the swim coaching profession, and willing to be examined and certified by an independent agency (ASCA), in the same light as the great coaches of history, whether Collegiate, USA Swimming, High School, YMCA, or Masters, as well as thousands of international coaches who chose our ASCA Certification system to document their credentials.

Employers know that the ASCA Certified Coach is committed to Professional Performance, has Professional Preparation, and, most importantly, Professional Ethics through their membership in ASCA.

In addition, compensation information and access to professionally evaluated positions are available to Certified Coaches. Certification gives you a title you deserve.

Certification also states your credentials precisely and concisely.

It represents your education in the sport, your experience in the sport, and your ability to produce athletes who perform at a high level. (Once you are doing so.) Certification is a VOLUNTARY process. Some coaches chose NOT to participate. Certification does not pretend to say who is the better coach.

What Certification does, is accurately represent your credentials from an independent agency. Employers, over the 27 year history of ASCA Certification, have become quite adept at differentiating between Resume Writing Coaches and ASCA Certified Coaches. ASCA Certification provides factual information to your potential employer.

  1. Become a member of the American Swimming Coaches Association. Sign and return the Code of Ethics that you agree to abide by, which can be submitted online or via telephone at: 1 (800) 356-2722.
  2. Complete the ASCA Certification Application. Please provide us with the most complete profile possible. We cannot give you credit for things you do not list!
  3. Complete the Required Certification Schools:

    • Level 2: The Stroke School – The Construction and Correction of Swimming Strokes
    • Level 3: The Physiology School – The Planning and Execution of Training
    • Level 4: The Leadership School – Every Coach Must Be A Leader
    • Level 5: The Administration School – Running Your Program Effectively
    • Each school is available in both live clinic form and as a home study course. (Levels 1-2 are also available online.)

Send the original tests to the ASCA at 5101 NW 21st Ave, Suite 530, Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33309. Tests will be scored, and processed to your file. You will then receive a letter and a Certificate for your course, with your current Level and type. (Which you supply us with the Certification Application.) You will be notified of the number of educational units that you have been awarded as a result of this test. In some unusual and specific cases, some required courses may be waived due to specific educational achievements or experiences. This is a rare event.

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Update Your ASCA Certification

Certification Purpose and Process

There are three things analyzed in the Certification process. They are: Education, Experience and Achievement. Your Certification shows that you have met the requirements for each category per certification level. Level 5 is composed of the top 2-5% of coaches in the USA. Level 4 is the top 5-8% and Level 3 is the upper 15% of coaches. Level 2 requires more units of education and experience than Level 1.

Note: It is your responsibility to provide us with updates on each of these categories to add units of either education or experience, or new achievements to be added to your record. The easiest way to do this is through email directly to our Certification Desk.

When you attend a clinic, take a course, or have an athlete who has reached a new achievement level, please notify us so that your ASCA record can remain accurate and up-to-date. ASCA shall provide you with relevant correspondence (which you should save in your personal certification file) to verify what you have sent to us. Please remember to notify in your submission what LEVEL you seek to upgrade to, and in what category: USA Swimming, Senior, Age Group, YMCA, NCAA Division I or II or III; etc.

The 5 Levels of the ASCA Certification Program each have its own required school. The purpose of these schools is to provide State-of-the Art fundamental information on coaching to the appropriate level of coaches. Since 1985, this 5-level progression of courses has been the world standard for coaching education, used in more than 18 nations around the globe. Each school is geared for a different need in a coach’s career, as described below. Over 35,000 individual required courses have been taken by coaches since 1985. All five of these courses are available in either home study or live clinic format. You can access the list of live clinics online at the ASCA Store.

In the following list, we explain content and intent of each of the five courses.

  • Level 1: Foundations of CoachingIf you are, or intend to become, a USA Swimming Registered Coach, you will be taking the 101 ONLINE Course required by USA Swimming. At the end of your first year and prior to registering for your second year, you will be required to take the 2nd part, called 201, also online. USA Swimming notifies ASCA of successful completion of this course, so we can begin your certification process at the successful completion of the 101 section.IF You are NOT a USA Swimming coach, (high school, college, international) there is DVD version of the Foundations of coaching course, which you purchase from ASCA and it comes with a paper test that you complete and return to us.
  • Level 2: The Stroke School – The Construction and Correction of Swimming StrokesThis course is the most popular course in ASCA history. Over 14,000 coaches have taken the Level 2 Stroke School since 1986. This current 2013 revision is currently available in two forms: a home study course, or the preferred method, a video-based course available online (approximate duration: 8 hours). We strongly urge you to consider the online video course, as it is a superior learning experience, and one of the best teaching methods available today. Once purchased, the course can be completed at your convenience according to your schedule by accessing your progress via password upon your return.
  • Level 3: The Physiology School – The Planning and Execution of TrainingThe purpose of this course is to give the coach practical knowledge on how to develop a long and short term training plan, and write workouts that will demonstrate the progression necessary for swimmers to improve. It begins with a review of the interaction of various physical and mental systems, continues with the scientific background for training, descriptions of training methodologies and terms, and then proceeds to discuss the planning of training for both new, developmental swimmers and accomplished swimmers of all ages, up to and including Senior Swimmers and Masters Swimmers. Also required by USA-Swimming for the head coach of a new club program. Once again, available in home study form via manual and once again, recommended for a live presentation if practical for the individual coach.
  • Level 4: The Leadership School – Every Coach Must Be A LeaderOnce a coach can master the basics, do a wonderful job of teaching strokes, can plan and conduct brilliant training sessions and do an expert job at running their team, there is a critical skill left, and that is LEADERSHIP. In point of fact, this might be one of the schools that is far too important to leave to last in the progression. One can argue that effective coaching is ALL about effective leadership and in that picture this is a course to take EARLY in your coaching career. Leaders are not born, they are made. This course can help make them. The course teaches specific skills and steps that you need to master to lead children or other adults, effectively.
  • Level 5: The Administration School – Running Your Program EffectivelyFor the coach who is, or aspires to be, the head coach of any organization, high school, college, YMCA or Club, this school covers every topic from budgeting to communications to fundraising, to team entries of meets, to hosting meets, to working successfully with assistant coaches, volunteers and boards of directors. Frequently described as the area where coaches are weakest in their job, this course is designed to give new head coaches a tutorial on how to deal with administrative tasks, before they become administrative issues. There are sections devoted to the special needs of high school and college coaches. While not about the fun parts of coaching, this course is about the parts that allows a coach to get and keep and prosper in, a good job as a head coach. We recommend that the wise coach take this course LONG before they expect to need it. Having this information will help you GET the job you’re dreaming about.