5 Critical Action Steps for Any College Coach TODAY


By John Leonard

Realize that your program and every program in the USA, need to be in “URGENT” mode, today and everyday, if you wish to Preserve, Protect, and Expand Collegiate Swimming.

  1. Build an effective, active, communicative group of Alumni and current parents of athletes. Keep them informed week by week. Get them INVOLVED in your program.
  2. Build a Fund to endow your program. Start NOW. “if its not important enough for you to ask for money, it won’t be important enough for someone to spontaneously write you a check.”
  3. Educate your athletic director on your successes. Direct copy your President or Chancellor. Make sure BOTH get everything you send out. Keep the administration informed about all you do that reflects well on the University.
  4. Become a force in your swim community. (local and regional/national.) Be involved and GIVE of your time and knowledge and energy. Become known all over campus. Faculty, staff, students. Be helpful and a great team player.
  5. Leadership is about Clarifying, Simplifying, and “Justifying.”

As in “just do this.” Make sure you clarify, simplify and justify the importance of your swim program to your University and Community.

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