40 Years of Leadership in American Swimming through Education, Certification and Cooperation




  • ASCA adds a West Coast Office with Coach Rick Klatt.
  • SwimAmerica tops 100 programs.
  • Certification tops 1,500 coaches.
  • ASCA leadership is instrumental in founding the World Swimming Coaches Association. Headquarters are established in ASCA’s Fort Lauderdale offices. The new organization almost instantly grows to over 1,000 coaches in 64 nations.


  • SwimAmerica has served 200,000 clients.
  • ASCA Membership tops 3,500 coaches.
  • Levels 1-4 Required Certification Courses complete.
  • WASHINGTON, D.C. World Clinic sets attendance record of 1,501 attendees.


  • ASCA has three Enrichment Education courses offered.
  • SwimAmerica tops 350,000 clients.
  • Certification tops 2,500 coaches.
  • ASCA adds business cards and stationery for coaches.
  • ASCA adds Health Insurance plan for coaches and adds financial planning services.
  • Club Assistance Program visits its 150th club team.


  • SwimAmerica tops 420,000 clients.
  • ASCA Membership passes Code of Ethics proposal as a requirement for full membership in ASCA.
  • Certification tops 3,000 coaches.
  • ASCA Life Insurance Program adds $250,000 to ASCA Reserve Fund.


  • SwimAmerica Tops 490,000 clients in 458 programs.
  • ASCA Membership tops 4,100 coaches.
  • WSCA Gold Medal Clinic/Age Group Clinic separates and forms an “every fourth year” rotation of clinics.
  • ASCA adds “Mountain States” office in Utah.
  • ASCA Committee System expands to include more members in active participation.


  • SwimAmerica tops 550,000 clients in 498 programs.
  • ASCA Membership tops 4,300.
  • The phrase “Drug Wars” comes into being as the Chinese swimmers, obviously doped, dominate Rome World Championships. The ASCA Board votes for the first time to devote time and money to address the problem. The political ramifications within United States Swimming and FINA are huge. Coaches are involved in swimming governance and politics on a highly volatile issue.
  • ASCA Newsletter is published 12 times in a year, along with 1 Journal of Swimming Research and 6 AMERICAN SWIMMING Magazines – 19 publications a year for $55.00.


  • SwimAmerica tops 610,000 clients in over 510 programs.
  • ASCA Membership climbs to 4,450 members.
  • Certification reaches its 4,000th coach.
  • Drug Wars heat up with substantial publicity and recognition that ASCA and WSCA are leading the way in creating clean sport for swimming. ASCA’s John Leonard receives the USS “Athletes Appreciation Award” for working on clean sport. He shares recognition with ASCA Board and WSCA Board.


  • The Drug Wars top the news as the Atlanta Olympic Games are judged the cleanest in 25 years, and ASCA gets a wonderful letter from the US Olympic Team thanking the coaches for their efforts for clean sport.
  • SwimAmerica numbers top 750,000 in 600 programs.
  • ASCA Membership tops 4,600 members.
  • Certification climbs to over 4,500 coaches.
  • WSCA becomes the primary agent to fight the Drug Wars, with Peter Daland, Forbes Carlile, John Leonard and Cecil Colwin leading the way. FINA meets quietly with WSCA leadership to share ideas.
  • ASCA certifies over 70 coaching clinics across the USA, as the concept of local clinics to supplement the World Clinic grows.
  • At the World Clinic, ASCA President George Block asked, “How many of you are willing to pay a premium for ASCA to fill its advocacy role in swimming?” Over 80% of the room raise their hands, and the ASCA Board renews its commitment to the Drug Wars and working effectively within United States Swimming to represent coaches.


  • ASCA hits a magic figure: 5,190 coach members.
  • ASCA forms a major alliance with US Water Polo to have water polo and swimming coaches in the same association and certified.
  • SwimAmerica™ trains its 400th Program Director, and over 350 site supervisors work in addition.
  • The ASCA Revenue Budget tops 1.1 million dollars, for its first million dollar year in history.
  • As the year ends, another Drug Wars saga emerges at the Perth World Championships, and ASCA and WSCA are again credited with playing a major role in demanding that FINA clean its house. We’re not popular with some FINA figures, but the press asks the crucial question… “where would this problem be if the coaches had not demanded action?” The press, WSCA, ASCA, United States Swimming and Australian Swimming are all leading the way, and as the year ends, there is hope that FINA may finally have awakened to the danger of drugs in our sport. Can Sydney be clean?
  • SwimAmerica™ joins forces with SPEEDO, Inc. to put quality swimsuits on all SwimAmerica™ learn-to-swim children, making sure each has the right kind of suit for successful swimming lessons.
  • A new “Partnership Relationship” begins with United States Swimming and ASCA, authored by ASCA Vice-President and former USS Board Member Pat Hogan. The new era of cooperation begins as Chuck Wielgus takes over the helm at USS.


ASCA’s 40th Birthday! What does the future hold?

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