2019 Fitter and Faster Age Group Coach of the Year.


2019 Fitter and Faster Age Group Coach of the Year.

Five years ago (2014) the American Swimming Coaches Association partnered with the Fitter and Faster Swim Tour to upgrade the Age Group Coach of the Year program originally begun in 1986. This award honors the top 50 Age Group Swim Coaches in the United States, including 10 finalists and The Age Group Coach of the Year. Thanks to the support of Fitter and Faster Swim Tour this is now a significant award which recognizes the highest achievements of age group coaches.

At the ASCA Awards Banquet at the World Clinic we will announce the top ten finalists and the winner of the ASCA 2019 Fitter and Faster Swim Tour Age Group Coach of the Year.

Past Winners

2014 – Beth Winkowski, Dynamo

2015 – Tom Himes, NBAC

2016 – Sherwood Watts, Sarasota Sharks

2017 – Rob Norman, TAC

2018 – Rod Hansen, Irvine Novaquatic

2019 Nominees

Our nominees this year include 50 outstanding age group coaches, all placing one or more swimmers in the top 20 of the USA Swimming’s national age group rankings for 9 &10’s, and 11 & 12’s. We evaluated the number of #1 Rankings, number of different individuals ranked, and total number of top 20 rankings in selecting these nominees.

We are very pleased to present these top age group coaches. Congratulations to all.

Mohamed Abdelaal, Scarlet Aquatics, NJ
Chris Barber, Sandpipers Of Nevada, CA
Roseann Benson, West Florida Lightning Aquatic, FL
Jessica Bogie, Delta Aquatics, IL
Kyle Bubolz , Chicago Wolfpack Aquatic Club, IL
Alex Carney, Nitro Swimming, ST
Ernest Cheung, Hawaii Swimming Club, HI
Juya Cho, Waverunners, NJ
Todd Colombo, Scarlet Aquatics, NJ
Douglas Copper, Delaware Swim Team, MA
Audrey Cormack, North Texas Nadadores, NT
Dan Cottam, Terrapins Swim Team, PC
Sarah Dawson, Mission Viejo Nadadores, CA
Tom Dowley, The Olympic Club, PC
Brad Eichenseer, Lakeside Aquatic Club, NT
Mike Falati, Crescent City Swim Club, LA
Carle Fierro, Westchester Aquatic Club, MR
Peter Hegwein, SKY Family YMCA Hurricanes, FL
Nancy Hooper, Fox Valley Park District Riptides, IL
Patty Horton, Wyckoff YMCA, NJ
Ben Hunt, Crow Canyon Country Club Sharks, PC
Laurie Karr, Buckeye Swim Club, OH
Suzanne Lancey, New Canaan YMCA Caimans, CT
Adam Madarassy, Eagle Aquatics, FG
Ned Maggiora, South Bay Aquatics, SI
Andrea Marumoto, Somerset Valley YMCA, NJ
Alexei Materov, OC Riptide Aquatics, CA
Mickey McNeil, Springfield Family YMCA, OH
Rick Mills, Magnolia Aquatic Club, GU
Jan Mittemeyer, TNT Swimming, SE
Nelly Musso, Hornet Age Group Swim Club, IL
Robert Norman , TAC Titans, NC
Marni O’Dell, Chino Hills Aquatics, CA
Megan Oesting, Eastern Iowa Swim Federation, IA
Kevin Pan, Dragon Swim Team, PV
Chris Pfaff, Carmel Swim Club, IN
Luba Pohilenco, Santa Clara Swim Club, PC
Alex Rayle, Piedmont Family YMCA/cyac, VA
Alex Reed, University Place Aquatic Club, PN
Dia Rianda, Monterey County Aquatic Team, PC
Stephen Shilling, Santa Clara Swim Club, PC
Solomon Sniad, North Baltimore Aquatic Club, MD
David Stephens, Chicago Wolfpack Aquatic Club, IL
Errol Stump, Brea Aquatics, CA
Mark Taliaferro, Santa Clara Swim Club, PC
David Tambuwun, Pleasanton Seahawks, PC
Meghan Thiel, Nation’s Capital Swim Club, PV
Lisa White, Livermore Aqua Cowboys, PC
Patrick Wickering, Club Wolverine, MI
Joe Zemaitis, Swim Neptune, AZ

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