11,000 Strong


On February 27, 2017, ASCA topped 11,000 members for the first time!

Staying true to our mission and the vision of Coach Peter Daland, we are well on our way to 15,000.  With our growing membership, ASCA continues to be the strongest advocacy voice in the world of swimming today, leading the fight for doping-free competition and a governance structure without corruption that puts the athletes first.  There is strength in numbers.  Larger membership means more coaches doing their great work with a stronger collective voice.

Every day, each of us at ASCA works to figure out how we can reach one more coach and how we can provide better education opportunities for more coaches; better service overall.  Coaches are the foundation and the backbone of our sport.  We lead our athletes every practice every day.  ASCA works to support and enhance that opportunity for every current member, and every future member so that swimming continues to be the greatest sport in the Olympic movement.

Our thanks go to you, each and every member, for your continued support of our Vision, our Mission; so that we may continue serving you in the development of your careers, your athletes, and our sport.

On to 12,000 – and beyond!  JL


On February 26th, 2015, we reached 10,000 ASCA members for the first time in our history.

For perspective, when I walked into the old ASCA office in the Hall of Fame (which was a glorified closet where Bob Ousley and Keith Sutton (my predecessors in this position) turned out the WORLD CLINIC YEARBOOK, the greatest collection of coaching information in the history of our sport…on a TYPEWRITER.) we had 1,340 members…maybe…the records were a little shabby. Not more, maybe less.
After a few years, we’d reached 5,000 and Peter Daland was in town. He and I walked to lunch on the day we reached 5,000 and on the walk Peter congratulated me on reaching 5,000.00 I said a simple thank you.
Peter then said (as only Peter could do…) “When do you expect to reach 10,000?”
And I thought, “When pigs fly and hell freezes over.” But the seed had been planted, as Coach Daland always did.

Periodically over the 2 and half decades since then, the staff and I have discussed that…which became a Goal.
Today, Bacon is in the air and The Devil has an overcoat on.
My second wife, Peggy, had a life-long saying: “Everything in Life is a TEAM EFFORT.” She named her business that. This and everything else in the world, is indeed a TEAM EFFORT. THANK YOU to all the members of the team (Board and Staff) over the years that have made Peter’s Goal for us a reality.
Today, my son Jackson works in our office with us. His mother grew up with Duffy Dillon. Duffy Dillon walked into my office today to shake my hand and tell me we’d gotten in some of the missing international lists and he believed we’d gone over the top. Late in the day, our membership coordinator Melanie Wigren, confirmed it. We ended the day at 10,060 members.
Earlier in the week, Jackson told me that he’d ordered new caps for our March Championship Meets. We don’t put names on our caps…but he has put the words “Team Effort” on our team caps. Never has it meant more.
I am not going to pretend that I am not very emotional about this. I am. THANK YOU TO ALL.
I “told Peter” immediately, because I “talk to him” daily. His response of course was: “That’s Good! Now, young man, when will you reach 15,000?” As only Peter could do.
All the Best, JL

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