• Congratulations!

    Congratulations to 2019 Fitter and Faster Age Group Coach of the Year Megan Oesting from the Eastern Iowa Swimming Federation, And The ASCA Coach of the Year Mike Parratto from Riptide Swimming!

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  • 2019 World Clinic Talks!

    The 2019 World Clinic Talks are being added to the website daily. Listen to talks from Greg Meehan, Carol Capitani, Glenn Mills, Eddie Reese and Many More Excellent Coaches!! All videos count as continuing education credits toward your ASCA Certification

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  • ASCA Newsletter 2019, Issue 08

    In this issue: Where Does Confidence Come From in my Child? By: John Leonard, The Truth No One Wants to Hear, It's Just Hard Work. By: Tim Denning, Stop Making Everything Perfect For Your Kid. By Susan Speer, and Much More!!

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  • "Two Activists and The Journalist Who Worked With Them."

    From an earlier era, Coach Forbes Carlile (Australia) Journalist Nick Theiry (Canada) and Coach Peter Daland (USA)
    Activists Daland and Carlile fought for the rights and best interests of ATHLETES AND COACHES for many decades from the '50s through the 2010s. We all stand on their shoulders and owe them a huge debt. They shaped our World today. Nick was their mouthpiece in an era long before email, the web, or Twitter. He was equally influential in making the world a better place for Swimmers, Coaches, and SWIMMING.
    With all Respect, John Leonard

    Carlile Thierry Daland (003)
  • ASCA and GoSwim Official Partnership

    What Does Our New Partnership Mean for Your Existing Membership?
    100% of the ASCA Content, along with 100% of GoSwims content is now available for a single annual fee. Click through to get more details on how your existing ASCA membership can get you started for FREE

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Candidates for the ASCA Board of Directors

New Board Members elected in Dallas : Coaches Dave Gibson, Ken Heis, Jeff Julian, Mark Schubert and Jim Tierney.

THANKS to the other candidates for making it an election where we all “couldn’t lose”. JL

Click here for brief bios and a submitted statement of purpose who are NEW to the Board. We have several long-serving members, (Gibson, Schubert, and Teirney) whom we did not ask to go through this exercise. Each has served multiple terms on the Board in the highest tradition of service to our profession.

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  • Published 6 times per year, featuring in-depth interviews from respected coaches on stroke training, technique, sample workouts and more.
  • Published 6 times per year, featuring in-depth interviews from respected coaches on stroke training, technique, sample workouts and more.
  • The Journal of Swimming Research is sponsored and published online by ASCA. It is the only publication whose primary focus is competitive swimming. Including a separate paper titled “Coaching Applications”. This version is written with coaches in mind and explains how the subject matter in the manuscript may be applied, when possible, to benefit the swimmer.
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ASCA World Clinic

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The ASCA Job Service has been connecting coaches and employers since 1986 and has been an influential mechanism for both coaches and clubs to find the right professional and organizational fit. Guy Edson, one of the most experienced coach educators in the world, has been personally managing the program for the past three decades.

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