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Coaches for students of all ages can learn from the experience of the world’s most influential coaches and Olympic swimmers. ASCA Online Education now includes a rapidly growing collection of online video presentations, instructional videos, and teaching materials.  Become certified through our certification courses, earn continuing education credits from the video presentations, or simply expand your coaching knowledge.

How to Access ASCA Online Education

All Online-Ed products can be purchased in the ASCA store:  HERE

All ASCA Online Education courses will immediately appear in your “My Courses” page for easy viewing after checkout.  The link to “My Courses” can be found on the top of the ASCA website.   Online Education videos are not restricted to ASCA members. However, you must be signed in to the ASCA website to view any purchased presentations.  Non-members can conveniently register during the checkout process from the store or can visit HERE to register now.

  • Online Education

    Developing High-Character Athletes

    This series of presentations by ASCA Coach John Leonard and Coach Don Heidary of Orinda Aquatics discusses the topic of character as it relates to athletes and teams.

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  • Online Education

    Enroll Online Today

    The duration of the online course is 8 hours and can be accessed through the ASCA Schools website.

    Payment is good for a 60 days access to the online material, which is video-based, with eight hours of content in 9 chapters split into 60 parts.