2014 ASCA World Clinic: Registration

Clinic Registration Rates By Membership

Member Type: April 1 – July 31 Aug 1 – On Site
Current ASCA Member $   400.00 $   450.00
New/Renew US Member Clinic Registration: $   470.00 $   520.00
New/Renew International Member $   500.00 $   550.00
New Life US Member $1,000.00 $1,050.00
New Life International Member $1,400.00 $1,450.00
New Life Plus Member $1,500.00 (Includes ALL Future ASCA World Clinic Registrations)
New Life Plus International Member $2,000.00 (Includes ALL Future ASCA World Clinic Registrations)

2014 world clinic registration

Terms & Policies:

The ASCA reserves the right to cancel, reschedule or substitute speakers for particular events, activities or sessions. The ASCA may record or photograph sessions for sale and distribution. By registering, individuals agree that the ASCA may photograph and record audio/video, their attendance and involvement in the program. Individuals agree that the ASCA may use these images/recordings for promotional purposes. Only the ASCA may electronically record any portion of the convention. Registrants agree to refrain from marketing products or services during the convention except as part of a booth in the Exhibit Hall. Registrants agree to turn off cell phones/pagers or keep on vibrate during the convention. The ASCA does not endorse any speaker’s or exhibitor’s products or services.


The ASCA cannot issue refunds or credits for any cancellations. We can defer the registration to a year later, under cases at our discretion.